Webflow templates use columns not flex

I was taking a look at the templates and noticed most continue to be built with columns as opposed to flex. I assume this is because columns are more straight forward to new users and also to provide support to. Or are people still using columns a lot in designs? I haven’t been.

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What’s important is for things to work. Using float, CSS columns, Webflow columns component or Flex doesn’t matter. Flex’s good for complex layouts with mixed dimensions values, order control etc. If the goal is just to lay out a few identical columns side by side, Flex is my last resort. Other people will use Flex on the most tiniest things like to center the text in a button. No one’s right, no one’s wrong, there are no performances issues and no more compatibility issues.

Now we’re just waiting for CSS Grid to come to Webflow to have yet another option :smiley:


Thanks Vincent. I really appreciate your answers.