Webflow template for live stream subscriptions, blog and global sport rankings

I have a client needing a website that requires their clients to buy a subscription for global sport rankings, blogs and live streaming of games. Does anyone know if there is a webflow template that would allow me to do all of those?

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Hey @Laura5 !

Our new app Simple Subscriptions will work with any template (or no template at all) as long as your products are being used in Webflow Ecommerce. It allows you to add subscription superpowers to any Webflow product.

It’s currently in free beta but working great – please let me know if you’d like to give it a try!

So, feel free to use any template you’d like and you’ll be able to achieve the functionality you’re looking for with Simple Subscriptions.

I’m available if I can help you with anything – mack@monto.io

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