Webflow Schema cant add rich text

Trying to upload Schema in Javascript for Job Board

Our Job description is in Rich Text Format

And Rich Text cannot be passed into
“description”: “{{wf-job-description-here}}”,

Anybody know how to add rich-text value in the ?

Hey Josef, your question is a bit vague.

I see what looks like a JSON key-value pair, and the word Schema.
Are you trying to create a LD+JSON schema? And embed rich text content into it from the CMS?

If so, no it’s not possible to do natively in Webflow. There are two problems with it;

  1. Webflow doesn’t expose rich text fields through the + Add Field mechanism in HTML Embeds and Custom Code areas.
  2. Webflow HTML encodes content that it embeds. You need JSON encoding instead.

What you could do- though it’s a bit ugly, is this…

  • Create a separate plain text field in the CMS, call it something like JSON Rich Text. Put it at the bottom of your fields list, and maybe add a note for clients, DO NOT EDIT.
  • Use your Rich Text CMS field for your editing and publishing, as the source of truth. Edit this field only.
  • Wire up an external automation that triggers any time CMS item is added or edited on that Collection. Use an external service like Make.com to get the Rich Text HTML, JSON encode it, and then store that result in your JSON Rich Text field.
  • Now you can embed that JSON Rich Text field content in your custom JSON.

Damn, alright. Thanks for the quick reply Michael.