Webflow returns unknown 400 error

G’day all,
I’m trying to integrate Pabbly Connect to my Webflow form and collection (CMS). Webflow keeps returning an unknown 400 error in the Pabbly workflow. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m trying to submit data to a multi-reference and a single-reference field in Webflow or if it’s something else. Could I please have some help?
Thanks so much!

Here’s my Webflow link:

Loom video:

Pabbly Connect: IjU3NjIwNTY1MDYzMTA0MzY1MjZlNTUzNDUxMzc1MTYxNTQzNSI_3D_pc

Debugging in third-party tools can be tricky. I frequently use tools like Postman to isolate issues. Might be a path for you.