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Webflow progress bar scroll interaction

Hey guys

I recently used this video to implement the scroll bar interaction. So cool!

But I had a query. Does anyone know how to have it scroll to 100% once it reaches the bottom of the blog post rather than the bottom of the page?

here’s the read only:

You can find the interaction only on the “blog post template” page of the site

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Sounds like an article read indicator :slight_smile:

Yes precisely @samliew :slight_smile: do you know how to do this?

Yes, I implemented a complex one here with five articles on a single page.

This is per-project basis though, and there is no one-size fits all solution, so if you really want this you can always contact me using this link.

Hey @samliew, unfortunately your site’s scroll indicator doesn’t seem to be working

@williamsbrad1994 you’ll need to apply a while While scrolling in view animation to your blog post body, perhaps wrap the hero image and the post body in a div and tie the animation to that:

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Oh it’s in the sidebar, 'cos there are multiple articles

Great thanks @Waldo all sorted! :slight_smile:

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