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Webflow partnering with Upwork

Why are you degrading your brand by partnering with the worst online marketplace for freelancers. The quality of clients, the quality of service and the overall tone of the site is not something I could ever imagine Webflow wanting to be associated with. Upwork (formerly oDesk) thrives on getting Freelancers to bid down their projects to the lowest price possible by competing with foreign workers who offer subpar quality work. The average price paid per hour on Upwork is less then $3.

You’re better then this Webflow.

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How did you come to know about this? Any links?

Webflow sent me an email about it.

Ok.but i still don’t know yet what type of partnership its all about.

On the part of Upwork; even with the name change, they still have a lot of negative reviews. What about Webflow starting its own freelance platform instead of partnering with upwork or any other?


If they want to partner with someone they should look at, WeWorkRemotely or Authentic Jobs. These are solid companies that vet and verify everyone on both sides of the job. I’ve yet to come across a job that isn’t paying the industry standard for the work required.

Can’t find a paying gig because you lack experience? Then head over to Freelanship and you’ll make more job connections then you can handle.

Stay away from UpWork.


I’m normally open to any partnerships that businesses can find synergy from, but I have to agree. I saw the two logos together and did the “wait what?” with the negative tone not positive.

Interesting. I didn’t know who Upwork was.

I stopped working with oDesk / eLance quite awhile ago. And only a few projects.

Maybe it’s just me… but I couldn’t afford to build a complete data driven responsive website for $100.

At least; that’s what I encountered on oDesk / eLance. I’m sure others have had a better experience.

Maybe this partnership will work out… or maybe not. Guess we will see.

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Thanks for the feedback guys! We’ll be monitoring our relationship with Upwork very closely to see if it benefits our users. At the moment we’re just vetting Upwork users who use Webflow so they stand out in their marketplace. That sets apart designers who use Webflow on their platform which will bring higher quality clients. We’ll keep you informed on how that goes!


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