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Webflow native slider in-view animations occurring when out-of-view

Hi everyone

I’m trying to set up an interaction/animation using Native Sliders in Webflow on mobile (375 px width). What I want to happen: when swiping/moving to next slide, play animation when in-view.

Slide 1 is in view, and slide 2 should be out-of-view. The problem that I’m encountering is that the way I have my slider designed, part of slide 2 is visible (like 10px of it, just like a standard horizontal carousel on mobile). For some reason, Webflow considers this off-screen slide as “in-view”, which causes my “in-view” animation to play while the slide is not visible on screen (save for the 10px).

Any ideas how to fix this?

Here’s my read-only link:

I’m working under Tabbed Carousel Section > Tabs contain > Tab 1 > Native Watch (slider)
Mobile view at 375px
Thank you in advance!