Webflow Meetup San Diego - Content Driven Design (Recap)

From now on, I’ll be taking notes from each meetup and sharing with the Webflow community.

Date: November 5th, 2015

Guest Speaker: Morgan H. (http://alittlecreative.net/)

  • don’t start a web site project from a aesthetic point of view, start
    with content
  • don’t start a project by letting a client tell you what to do or how to do your job. Tell them how they’ll make money or save money by going through the correct process
  • Remember, the general (non artistic) person is not coming to a site for how how pretty it looks or how fancy the animations are. They are looking for content to move forward with their personal goals
  • Don’t be afraid to be a “hard ass” to get your client to give you the content first before starting on your design

Four (or six) questions you should ask your clients:

  1. what do your clients’ customers need from you?
  2. what do your clients’ customers need to get when they get to their site?
  3. what keeps your clients’ customers up at night?
  4. how is the website’s success measured after launch? (success metrics)(analytics)
  • where are you operating at now?
  • what is the timeline to reach a measured success?

Design first model is broken

Remember, a website isn’t for you (the designer) or for your client. It’s for the clients’ customer

Who should be at a kick-off meeting

(Perfect world scenario)

  • client
  • stakeholder
  • customer
  • copywriter
  • developer
  • designer

(Freelancer / Independent designer scenario)

  • Yourself
  • Everyone who will be making the final decisions on the Website’s launch

Researching the clients’ company will help find the right content needed for the project

  • values
  • attributes
  • core strengths
  • unique sales prop
  • how do they stand out?
  • why do people come to them?
  • what is their purpose?
  • why did they start their company?
  • who are their competitors?
  • who is doing it well?
  • how are they doing it well?
  • Why are they in the business beyond the obvious, money?

asking research questions will stop clients from saying “i like this colors, font, etc”

Make customer profiles

  • what are the current customers like?
  • what did they do after purchasing an item from you?
  • what is their perception of your company?
  • what do you know about your existing customers?

create userflows (storyboards) based on what you think each type of client would go through

Protips and recommendations

  • “design is a job” - http://abookapart.com/products/design-is-a-job
  • free 5 minute user testing (http://peek.usertesting.com/)
  • Create a “Contract cancellation fee” in your agreements
  • if you do not stick to the statement of work, then break of contract and non-refundable 50% down payment
  • 3-day rule for quotes - if you don’t hear back after sending the proposal, terminate the proposal. Always put an expiration date on your contracts.
  • share your passion, share your passion. potential clients are looking for that.
  • Say no to spec work - https://youtu.be/essNmNOrQto
  • looking like a pro, acting like a pro, believing your pro
  • say “you” more than “i”
  • my clients have done this, my clients have seen this, my clietns….
  • not - i can do this, i’ve done this, i have this
  • good clients come from relationship building. So don’t just network with people, make friends.

Great recap @pixelgeek!

There’s like a thousand lessons in all those points together, and most of us know by learning the hard way. :slight_smile: Thanks for making this available for everyone.

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I’ll be talking more about this topic in today’s Webinar at 10am (PST):

Thanks for summing everything up! I’ll tune in next week. :wink: