Webflow is generating hundred of indexed pages


I am using webflow, hosted on AWS for our website ideel.io

Using web crawlers, it seems that I have a hundred of pages that are indexed, but that I have not built myself. It seems like they are automatically generated.

See some examples below :

It seems like these are automatically generated, but I dont know why and I dont know what to do or where to look to fix the issue.

Any help would be really appreciated ! thanks a lot

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Ideel)

@Edouard_Alexandre - If you have content on your site that you did not create then you most likely have been the victim of some sort of hack. This can impact your customers/prospects and damage your visibility in search engines and partners. You should immediately take steps to mitigate it. Need an expert? DM me ASAP to discuss next steps.

I do not think it is some kind of hack, as the content created is only duplicate of other pages, or just empty html…

It looks to me more like if I did something wrong while generating or hosting our website, and now is it endlesly indexing pages that I do not need.

I did not review the pages. You should be able to quickly review your public html folder and determine when the were modified and review the structure. Then delete the duplicates and update whichever search console you are using.