Webflow Interactions Not Working With Finsweet Nest Attributes

I am using the Finsweet nest attributes solution to nest a list of items (the source list) within another parent list. The source list has an on hover Webflow interaction that works in preview, but does not work once published. It definitely has something to do with the Finsweet integration, but I cannot figure out a workaround.

Things I’ve tried:

  1. The Finsweet reload attribute on both the source and parent list. I saw this as a solution to pagination and not to nest interaction issues, so perhaps it’s not meant to solve this issue anyway.

  2. Tried to reload the Webflow interactions after the Finsweet CMS Nest finishes loading. I found this through the Finsweet forum and tried this code

      window.fsAttributes = window.fsAttributes || [];
        (listInstances) => {
          console.log('cmsnest Successfully loaded!');

          window.Webflow && window.Webflow.destroy();
          window.Webflow && window.Webflow.ready();
          window.Webflow && window.Webflow.require('ix2').init();
          document.dispatchEvent(new Event('readystatechange'));

The problem with this is that it messes up the interactions that are set for on page load.

I’ve spent several hours trying to figure this out and simply cannot. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Here is my preview link: HERE

(It’s on the Typeface Archive page)