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Webflow has flexbox now!

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made them all but 27, stucked

I had created 12 horizontal and verticals and was playing with them , opened the style tool and a new button appeared while I was looking. Freaked me out a little then I started playing and next this it is 5 am. Fun

don’t give up! You can do it!


I ended up getting all of them, but I still don’t understand how Align Rows works at all.

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WOAH :open_mouth:

yesterday I wondered one more time about not being able to align objects vertically. but now…

Welcome to a new era.

Thank you !!


This is the best update since CMS, maybe even better. Now I feel like I need to go back through my old projects and undo all my manual centering and spacing issues!


This is ground-breaking, earth-shaking AMAZING! Wooooooooow! Big thanks!


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This is amazing news, can’t wait to use flexbox on new projects!


Wow–Not only am I blown away by Flexbox, this game is genious. When I watched the videos, I thought–how am I ever going to wrap my head around this? But in a half hour with this super fun game, I am on my way! As somebody who has worked in instructional technology for over 25 years, KUDOS to the designer–this is a fantastic example of an interactive tutorial. And highest praise to the whole Webflow team for implementing these new capabilities! Amazing.


I KNEW you would knock this one out of the park!

Everywhere I design and look, there’s flexbox. As a designer that sometimes dabble in code, I’ve gotten my head somewhat around Flexbox, but I’ve been waiting for you to ship this UI so that I can use it in the product but also to understand Flexbox better, just like I’ve actually improved my HTML/CSS coding through the use of Webflow.

I’m starting a new private webflow project today that will use this and tomorrow I will use the tool to generate Flexbox layouts for our mobile app, that my React Native coders easily can understand and modify to work in their code.



Just curious, Webflow has typically had good support for IE9 and above. Is there any backwards compatibility built in to accommodate IE9 and 10 with regards to Flexbox or should we consider those browsers only partially supported in this case?

I’m not sure if I have ever seen an official statement about IE support. My assumption on Webflow IE support has been: “If IE can handle it then great, if not, we’re not going to worry too much about it because we can’t make progress and accommodate IE at the same time.” This is how I have mostly approached IE support in my work unless special consideration was needed.

In any case, I remember when I was introduced to Flexbox at the A List Apart Conference a couple of years ago. I remember thinking: “Wow I’m going to be loving life in a couple years!” haha and now here I am!

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@jsandlin85 Flexbox isn’t supported in IE 9, 10, and partially (but buggy) in 11

more info here:

Great job guys! Im proud to be a webflow user


Done as well.

Not quite yet :-). Look at your middle row

Doh…forgot to change the order. Oh well, I closed the window now, I learned what I needed to for now.

Great news! Looking forward to using it, already used vertical centering today, nice! Hoping that IE won’t limit me too much …

And now on to reworking the asset manager :blush: