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Webflow Google Ads - Conversion Tracking Tag


I have been unable to figure out how to setup Google Ads conversion tracking tag in Webflow. I know it’s broken because Google Ads warns me every time I view my campaign (see below).


Normally, this would be easy. If I had installed the global site tag (gtag) manually (as per this article: Set up conversion tracking for your website - Google Ads Help), I would just add the following line " gtag(‘config’, ‘AW-CONVERSION_ID’);" with my conversion ID in the script tag. However, Webflow sets up the gtag automatically in the Integration tab (image below), so this doesn’t seem possible.

The other option Google outlines in their documentation is using Google Tag Manager to track conversions but that doesn’t play nice with the Calendly Google Analytics integration I have setup for events and goals.

Is there an easy way to solve this? My one thought is to disable the gtag in Integrations and add it manually in the custom code header, but I’m worried that will break something. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.