Webflow forms to Pipedrive CRM in leads

using Zapier, each test comes with error. Anyone any tricks or better options (budgetprice as zapier is free)
Any developer with spare time to integrate Pipedrive into webflow’s marketplace like Hubspot…? Please…

Hi Sara it’s a bit of work to get right. Typically with Pipedrive you need to create your objects in a specific order, e.g. create a Company if you want, then create your Contact, referencing the company, then create your Lead referencing the entities you want, then add Notes…

Watch out for required custom fields since they’ll prevent a submission without those fields.

I don’t imagine Zapier free plan would work here, since you can’t do Webflow or webhook integrations for free - unless something has changed? You might look at Make instead.

I can’t offer any deeper advice by chat as it’s a fairly complex system that takes digging into and a lot of test data. If you’re stuck and need a pro, click my name to send me a message and I will send you my details.

Check Logs:
Review Zapier logs for detailed error information.
Test Steps Individually:
Disable steps to identify the problematic one.
Data Formatting:
Ensure correct data formats between steps.
Delay Between Steps:
Introduce delays, especially for APIs.
Verify Credentials:
Check API keys for validity and permissions.
Review Trigger Settings:
Confirm trigger settings match data.
Update App Versions:
Ensure apps are up to date.
Contact Support:
Seek assistance from Zapier support.
Testing with Sample Data:
Use built-in testing features.
Monitor Zap Runs:
Stay informed about runs and errors.
Resource Limits:
Be mindful of free plan limitations.
Explore Alternatives:
Consider other automation tools based on needs and budget.

Thanks you all. Im a bit fed up…
Webflow looks and advertise as super flexible etc but the hiccups with external parties I experience says otherwise.
The solution: a complicated configuration in ‘‘Make’’ (with subscription)

I’ve built that before, many times.
It’s not a complication with Webflow, or with HTML- Webflow is just submitting whatever form you create.

Pipedrive just has a simple API with very atomic data structures, so it’s not easy to turn a lead into a full set of data structures that Pipedrive uses to represent it internally.

If you built this out yourself, very impressive :clap: most non-developers would have choked halfway through.