Webflow Export - IMport to/from external Websites

I have questions on 2 scenarios:

  1. Making a new Website using WF and then exporting HTML-CSS files to my local
    computer, to later transfer files to my own hosting server (FTP).
    Q1: can those files be editable using another software (ie: Dreamweaver) ?? to make

  2. I have an existing website that is on-line with another hosting service.
    That website was created (eCommerce) with Dreamweaver.
    Q2: Now , can I Import those files (HTML+CSS …) into a WF project and make/updates
    my website inside WF environment ? and then re-EXport those files back to my local
    computer ?

This may sound weard but this is to analyse system compatibility, and the fact that
exisiting non-WF website may need updates .

tx for helping,

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