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WebFlow Design In Firefox and other browsers

After further looking into this, I’m not sure this is even possible. One of the reasons I disliked using chrome in Linux, is because it was extremely intrusive, and did not integrate well with my system’s window manager, especially if the window manager I was using was not the distribution’s default.

I’m pretty sure that scroll bars on application windows are implemented at this level of the operating system, and such a feature would require finding a way to override the system’s scroll-bar for every window manager that Firefox supports. Not only would this require a massive amount of effort, but it would also frustrate users who like their scroll bar to match on all of their application windows (such as myself).

Just for a frame of reference, here is a list of window managers that Arch Linux supports:

I believe @callmevlad edited that link in, as it isn’t even showing on my account as a link for some reason :confused: but yes it was to do with the scroll bar, but it has to do with changing the in-browser styling of it… People use to colour the website scrollbar all the time even back in the days of Windows 98 (it was hideous lol, but done often). Definitely something that is done and found in many web apps nowadays. Not doing so in Webflow may have a negative impact in my opinion for many non-Mac users (Mac auto hides the scrollbar), as It’s way nicer to have a scrollbar in the design panel, site area, and add panel, that only shows up when you need it, versus one that is present all the time when you’re trying to design.

Okay, I see what you are saying, and I imagine that might be more doable, but I lack the knowledge on how exactly it’s currently implemented in order to be sure. Unfortunately, it appears that I cannot save my site while using Firefox. If I were to design a site in Chrome, could I at least trust that others could view it using non-Webkit browsers, such as Firefox? If not, I would not be able to use WebFlow to design my site, no matter how much I like it otherwise.

Also, it appears there are jquery plugins which allow customization of in-window scroll bars. Would it be possible to switch over to those, so as to restore compatibility with non-Webkit browsers?

Hey, yea Webflow is compatible with all modern browsers wherever possible according to their limits, just the designer itself is required to be used in chrome (check out the second section on this page). @cyberdave or @callmevlad may be able to provide feedback on the the request of bringing the designer to non-Webkit browsers.

We have spent untold hours creating a website in Webflow and have just discovered that, after exporting and publishing the code on our domain, our new website works just fine in IE, Chrome, and Safari but is totally useless in Firefox. Dropdown menus don’t drop down, sliders don’t slide, and tabs don’t function. Are we doing something wrong or is this a Webflow and/or Firefox issue? When we signed up for Webflow there was no mention that it is incompatible with one of the top browsers. Does anybody know definitely why this is happening?

Hello Bill,

Only the design screen is not compatible with Firefox, your actually website design its self should work just fine.

Can you share your preview link so we can take a look?

Scrollbars are not generally implemented by the window manager, but by the toolkit (e.g., gtk+, etc). In the case of Firefox, it’s way more complicated than it ought to be, because of the decades of legacy code and cross-platform abstractions it has.

This is sadly a case where this isn’t a burning issue as seen by Fx devs, specially when they consider that (a) it is not standardized, and (b) it’s a lot of work given Fx source cruft. But Webflow considers it essential, so it blocks Firefox. And because Fx market share isn’t what it used to be, they can get away with it.

Sad state of affairs. I get Webflow devs want consistency and good looks, but standards matter. Remember the days? That sucked, right? Let’s not go back to “Best viewed in IE” please.

Any follow up on this? I just realized today that Firefox is incompatible with Webflow and it would be great to see where we stand with this.

I’m working with Webflow in Vivaldi since a week and its great. It became my default browser.

Same here, went with Vivaldi a couple days ago and now stick with Vivaldi. :wink::grinning::blush::+1:

There is only one problem with Vivaldi and Webflow, when I press delete or back on the keyboard (mac) to delete any item, the page reloads and send me to the dashboard. Are you having that #VLADinSACRAMENTO ?

@discovoador You beat me to it! I noticed this problem about 3 days back but haven’t had time to report it to the Forum. But yes, I have the same problem and it gets annoying when this happens. But to make sure it wasn’t a bug in Webflow I went to another site and pressed “back” and it took me a step back. So it is the browser Vivaldi by default that is doing this. But yes, if you are using Vivaldi, it could get annoying. :wink::grinning::blush::+1:

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@discovoador I have found the solution to get rid of this. Make sure to check out my post in the description below. This should fix your problem. :wink:

@VLADinSACRAMENTO - Got it! On the Preferences from Vivaldi at Keyboard > Full Keyboard Access we should mark “Inherit from system Preferences”. Them we can use the delete or back button in Webflow. See attached. :ok_hand:

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@discovoador Great! Now that we have that out of the way… lets “Make the web beautiful” - Pixel Geek. If you experience any more problems with Vivaldi regarding Webflow be sure to visit the post above or don’t be afraid to PM me. I will be glad to look into it. :wink:

Very nice find regarding Vivaldi, I have started using it, had the same delete issues, and found a way to deal with commands.

That said, the only downside I see with the browser is that it does not (seem) to permit a responsive design window for Inspector Tool, has anyone found a way to access it or an alternative to it?

Nope… unfortunately :frowning: seems they did not activate some functions. Ctrl+Shift+M should activate Toggle Device mode, but Vivaldi doesn’t have that Shortcode. Not sure if it is possible to add this from user side.

Hi Everyone. Opening up this very old thread, but check this out. While we’re not providing support for Firefox officially, you’re all free to try it out. Report bugs in the experimental browsers forum category to help us figure out what we’ll need to do once we’re ready.