Webflow cms server side rendering with AWS or cloudflare

I wanted to have a CMS server-side rendering where I could create an API in AWS or Cloudflare and get back in Webflow

Hmm interesting. You’ve got a cool project out there.

One thing I can add is that, if you’re leaning towards AWS, you could use AWS Lambda to create serverless functions for your API. These functions can handle the server-side rendering and send the data back to your Webflow site. AWS Lambda is powerful and can be integrated with API Gateway for a robust API setup.

Another thing is that Cloudflare Workers allow you to write and deploy server-side code without managing servers. This could be a more straightforward option if you’re looking for ease of use and quick deployment.

In both cases, you’ll need to set up your API to fetch data from your Webflow CMS and then render it server-side. This means your Webflow site would make requests to your AWS Lambda functions or Cloudflare Workers, which then return the rendered content.