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Webflow breakpoints FAQ / photoshop RWD template

Hi all

If I understand correctly, Webflow doesn’t use twitter bootstrap (any idea if this would be a framework we could choose in the setting in the future, I’d pay extra $) - it uses its own RWD framework baked into webflow, correct?

What are the media queries / breakpoints for Desktop / Tablet / Phone ?

I’m using a Photoshop template I’ve created before when using smart objects .PSB’s to drop into 3 different screen breakpoints, by any chance does anyone know if this has been created and shared by anyone?

If not, once I get the width breakpoints, I don’t mind sharing my .PSD with the community. I’ve uploaded what my base template looks like v.1


Hi @clickryan, Hope you’re having a great summer! i apologize for missing this thread, but here’s my attempt at answering your question:

Actually, Webflow had its firstfruits from bootstrap. However, over time, Webflow has evolved to grow beyond bootstraps capabilities and we are looking forward to releasing even more unique features in the near future.

Great question. The breakpoints are: Phone-Portrait: <479px , Phone-Landscape: <767px , Tablet: <991px , Desktop: >991px

As far as I know, I haven’t seen any photoshop templates being passed around, but I love that you’re willing to share it with us. Please do. Some of our users still use PS/FW to design web layouts and it would be perfect for them.