Weather forecast

Hello community!

I’m trying to put some some weather forecast to my website but couldn’t find how to do it…

I found this on github ( that looks pretty simple and nice and I think it could be suitable for everyone that’s looking for this feature in their site.

Is there anyone that could help me on this one?

Hi @mauribazan, thanks for the post and for the link to the cool little Weather widget.

While I do not have instructions, you can see how I integrated the code for the widget inline to a Webflow site.

See here:

You will need to open the live site to see it in action. You are also free to clone this to see how it was made, there is a link in the header to the bootstrap icons for the weather symbols, then there is the weather.js code inline to the Before body section of custom code, plus the initialization script in the Before Body section of custom code.

I hope this helps to give you some ideas