We want to sell webflow templates from our website

We want to sell webflow templates from our website and allow them to design it via an iframe. I realize the iframe way isn’t possible.

So our alternative is to offer templates and when a user chooses one, we will create a site on their behalf on our workspace. And send them an invite to that site to edit its content.

The issue is, i don’t see any way to duplicate a site on the api documentation.

Hey Masud, usually in the past I’ve seen a requirement that you if sell templates directly, you need to transfer a project via their email address. You’d first make a duplicate, and then send it to them.

Please check out the conversation around selling Webflow templates independently in the Memberstack WF community.

Nice to see you here!

Hey Masud - we actually have a template for that (independently selling your own Webflow templates)

Unfortunately, the site transfer cannot be automatic, it needs to be manual. Your best bet it to work with virtual assistants for that :slight_smile: