We need help with the Meta Description

Hi Guys,
We really enjoy using webflow! We used to have wp but since 2 months we switched to webflow (job was done by a web agency)
Our problem is that the meta descriptions we put into webflow get not displayed in the google search, even after recrawling using Googles search console.
We also successfully submitted a XML sitemap.

This is our homepage Vectornator

We put our words we want In the SEO title and meta description:

But it won’t get displayed:

The weird thing is that our main page’s meta description works but the other pages/posts won’t work.

This is our project’s read-only link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/vectornator?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=vectornator&preview=d501579d1d742e610e276ff41d335adc&mode=preview

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hey @T09, nice product! Might try out the ipad version.

Anyway, how long has it been since you have updated the meta title & desc?

I checked on seo-browser.com and it seems the change has applied: https://www.seo-browser.com/analyze/?url=https://www.vectornator.io/mac

The Opengraph (facebook) is also updated. It may just be google taking some time to update.

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Hey @dennyhartanto Thank you! Yeah, it is completely free! (no advertising here)

Basically since 2 months but we had issues with search consoles tracking id and redirections. If seo browser displays the right ones… then you could be right and we just have to wait.

Thank you so much and best regards!

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