WCAG 2.1 AA / AAA Accessibilily Update Report?

This is really one for the Webflow team, but feel free to throw in any issue.

Talking to the team over the last couple of years I’m told a significant accessibility update is in progress by the Webflow dev team. It’s been a while since I heard anything, so would be grateful for a progress report.

In the UK ALL Public Body websites now have to be at least WCAG 2.1 AA complaint and all our sites are public body (health).

I’ve converted around 65 sites so they’re showing no errors using Pope Tech - WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool and Web Service API - AChecker, Level Access - Web accessibility. Quite a job which has taken 7 months solid work.

A lot of changes are common sense and planning font sizing, spacing, color contrast etc is pretty straightforward. It would be better if there was an accessibility checker within Webflow, such as the one within MS Word (or a tool like P.A.V.E.). Specifically it would be a great help if forms were checked for compliance and keyboard access worked for drop-downs within Webflow.

So over to you guys.

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