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Warning dialog box or page before entering a site

My boss asked me to change our website so users have to agree to a message before accessing it.

It could be either a pop up dialog box with a “Enter” button or a page where the user has to click a button before he/she gets redirected

Is there an easy way to do that?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Yep, just make a full cover popup on load that doesn’t go away until they scroll an inner div and see a button for “I agree”. When they click the modal window closes. But I would put a disclaimer at the VERY TOP wrapped in a bright color, or slighter faded pastel box, that explains what they’re reading. And to show this means they agree to the terms.

It’s not a full-proof for legality reasons, but it’ll make them scroll to see all terms. You need those terms in a text block where they can read - or - scroll to by-pass it.

That works
Now the issue that I have is that every time the user goes back to the home page, this page shows up
Is there a way to only display on the first load?

Unfortunately not without code or using a page load script. You would need to designate a specific IP address/cookie, in one sense, then you could control it that way. Of course, just stating some ideas available. But not natively in Webflow. However, a script can be inserted with very good control. There’s a bunch available. I’ll find something and share what I can locate.

Here’s a list of comparable popup options. Check the documentation for user interactivity and click restrictions:

Hope this helps you!

Take Care.

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