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Wanted: South African Webflow Designers

Hi Guys I am looking to connect with South African Webflow users, please drop me a line.


Hi There Gareth,

Rather late than never. I’m a webflow designer from Johannesburg, Bedfordview.

Drop me a line.

Hi Anton

Great thanks for the reply:-)

I tried to open your site but it was just spinning…
It would be great to see any work made on Webflow.

Thanks and have a lekka day


Hi Gareth,

Sorry about that, I recently migrated all my sites to a bigger VPS and the site was corrupted in the process.

I will have my new site up and running by tomorrow. Any particular reason you
are looking for a South African based Webflow designer?

I used to develop sites in WordPress, but have since learned Webflow and man! Nothing comes close!

Ps: Are you originally from SA? I can pick up a South African tone in your message :smiley:

Keep in touch!

Zuid Afrikaans is een leuke taal. Maar ik ben helaas Nederlands :cry: