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Wait to load in, then scroll out, scroll back in

Hi! I’m trying to have an element wait to load, animate in, then scroll out as you scroll down, then scroll back as you scroll back up. It seems like the scroll in animation is overriding the delay on initial load. The element is the "Bold"image, which is the first image at the top of the list of images inside the hero umbrella content section. Any help would be fab.


Here is my public share link:

You’re Load never has a disappearing function for it to disappear. I tried to do my best to recreate [screenshot below] although it won’t work out to good because of all the CSS animations going on at the same time although you can add this into the Load section [the two lines on the bottom are the new lines] (for the wait you can make it as long as you want, though this means that if the client takes too long then the name will disappear). Do the function and check out what I mean.

Suggestion: I would not put so many features like you did on the site. If the site lags in the previewer then imagine the wait time on the live site for it to load and then complete everything. And I won’t even mention the increased risk of having a mistake with all the different CSS animations you got there. Hope you take this suggestion into serious consideration. :grinning:

Well, I don’t want it to disappear, I want it to be a scroll based interaction. So it works now as that, but the delay on first appearance isn’t working, which is what I’m trying to trouble shoot. It should not be an automatic process, but triggered by scroll.

Also yes, there are a TON of interactions that are not being used currently that are in that list that I will clean up before putting this site live, and I’m currently working through the balance of performance and interactions, so that is an in progress concern as well.

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