VW settings for text and text span

Hi Im trying to set the text in my text span to VW. However when I type 80vw the text goes way off the screen. iv set it to 20vw which makes it take up 80% of the screen odd. Iv set the text block to 0 px and the the text span to 20vh to achieve 80% of the text block on screen width. I want to do this properly thouugh hows it work.

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If I were you. Look up Timothy Rick’s wizardry on youtube and how he structures his websites to scale nicely. It’s a game changer!

Let me know how it goes

hi @IndustryDesigns the best practice to get help is to share read only for better understanding what you are trying achieve and/or where the problem is.

@Austin_Skillings you should read this, it is a long article but worth to read.