Visual error with my Sidebar

Hello :slight_smile: I have recently been having a problem with a visual/design related issue. The problem is just under my sidebar there is a white patch where the Sidebar stops. I want the Sidebar to go right down the Footer which I can’t seem to do.

This problem only visible when you Zoom out of the web page.

ERROR (Image) [ Zoomed out ]

Correct look (Image) [ 100% Zoom ]

Any help or suggestions would be Great! :smile:

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Can you provide a public link? Make it easier to investigate. If you don’t know how provide a public link you find the instructions below:

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Assign a class to the row that holds the “left menu” column. Set the row class to 100% height.

I would though recommend not to let columns be the main structure for your content e.g nav in left column and content in the right column. I’m not sure, but I guess setting the row to 100% can possible cause problems for you.

Put the entire Nav in it’s on div, position: fixed left and give it a percentage width and height 100%. In that div, you can drop columns and put the buttons and other stuff in it. That’s a better solution IMHO.

For the content part, on the right, make it a div, set it to a percentage so the total with of the whole page make it up to 100%. So maybe the nav could be 15% and the content div to the right is 85%.


Ok :slight_smile: Thank you so much!! :smiley: All seems to be good now <3


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