Video won't show in 1440px and more devices


I got an issue this morning on my website.

On the page “Services” right here : ROULETTES - Stratégie, Production, création de contenus.
I got a bunch of video that show perfectly on desktop. But when I’m in a bigger device like an iMac, the videos won’t show up.

I am missing something, and I don’t know what…

Public link : Webflow - AGENCE ROULETTES

Hi @Marine-Anais_Fevrier !

Your problem comes from the 1440px breakpoint.
you have made changes to this breakpoint while the desktop breakpoint changes work.

To fix the problem you just have to reset all the modifications (blue) of the breakpoint 1440px !

Example for the display:

Have a nice day !

I did it, and it still now working on 1440px devices… I don’t know if I did something wrong ?