Video background to a section

Are we able to have a video background for a homepage like with the following?





These links will walk you through the process:


Thank you Todd. Problem is, I’m a bit lost when it comes to the code. Any chance you could simplify it for me?


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Hi Sam, if you need help let me know, I can login and make it for you. I had the same problem its not difficult. I am not a programmer myself, and it works now quite good, but not on my iPad and iPhone.

Video Background in Webflow

Hi Koen,

I need this video on the hero section of my site instead of the large image of the car. Would really appreciate if you could add it for me. Do you need login details?


Hi Sam,
Yes i need you login for that (change it afterwards)
Other thing: Which website in the dashboard?
And i also need a location of the video (url)
Think of Dropboxlink or your upload it on your FTP!

Koen is my mailadress!

Sam, (Koen may have addressed this already.)

I’ve been away on vacation, otherwise I would have responded sooner.
Here’s a link to a sample video background:

Here’s the Webflow public link so you can poke around:

I followed Method 2, which didn’t need any coding:

Hope this helps you and others.


Hi Todd,

I am new here. I opened your example and paste the embed code into the video settings and that works. Video in body.
However, this code is for vimeo. When I change src for the youtube video it doesn’t work.
And when I use the embebed code from youtube I get full screen in editor and in the published site with the red start button…and when i start the video, I got a big black framework. From youtube i cannot manage to change that…
Do you have the code for youtube?
Many thanks,