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How Can I change the opacity of a background video without affecting the whole page (when I change the opacity of the video background, it changes the opacity of everything on the page) ?

Thanks for your help

Hello @etienneflorent

The background video element in WF is a Div, if you put something inside this div you can’t change the opacity on the parent without affecting the children.

Can you provide a share link so i can take a look and find another way to do it ?


As you can see, I am new to Webflow and I think that I messed up a lot of things when trying to build these 2 pages…

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Hello @etienneflorent,

It’s ok i’m not here to judge we are all experimenting all the time :wink:

Ok so put this on relative

Change this to relative

Put those div in a new div divabsohere : 100% Width and height absolute z index 2

And now you can change your opacity without affecting the content :slight_smile:


Amazing ! Thank you :slight_smile: Merci beaucoup !

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Pas de soucis @etienneflorent :slight_smile:
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