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Video background not displaying full height


My video background displays full height in the Webflow preview, but is cut off at the top in both Chrome and Firefox when I actually publish and view:

Preview Link

Any ideas what might be wrong? Thank you!

I took at a look at the live website and It seems to work correctly for me, no cuts.
Chrome Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thanks, @Sam_G… can you try pulling the browser window narrower? I’m seeing cuts even when it’s wider than tablet widths. Thank you!

To be clear, there’s a still image background, but you can see the video moving below it, not going all the way to the top of the hero area. See this image:

Ok I see it now, Playing with it with element inspector will update if I find out anything

It could be a bug, right? I haven’t touched it in months, and it wasn’t doing that before–at least I don’t believe it was.


I just had a quick look. It’s a bit hard to test as we cant publish changes to check if its fixed and I am only seeing the issue on certain resolutions.

I inspected that video element and its saying height 500px. When I believe you hero is 600px?


Could you try giving the min height of video same as that parent hero. Also give it 100% w, 100% h


Let me know how it goes!

@Thomas_92–thank you… I’ve tried this, as well as adding custom css on .video to set the height to 600px. I have no idea where that 500px is coming from. Still not working. Any ideas? Thanks!