Video Autoplay and looping doesnt work


I just watched some videos on how to create an url for youtube that autoplays and loops at the same time for this website. I pasted it in a video block in webflow, but it’s not behaving as it should. When I put that same link in a browser it does autoplay and loop…

that is the link, help anyone

As far as i know it is not possible to use youtube videos for bg videos.

Here is a tutorial how: (I advise you using Method #2

To get a direct link to a video you can download the video from youtube, then upload it to a dropbox account. Get the share link of the video that you just uploaded, change in that url to and you’re done.


@DharmaNode It’s not about a background video, I never stated it was about a background video. It’s just a video on a one scroll page. that I want to have that functionality.

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