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Very poor ' FREE ' plan option

I mean your posts really feel weird with all the oxygen promotion but just for the sake of this argument…

A little, yes. Nothing that was ever a dealbreaker for me personally, and I am using it since 2015 or so.

this is just not true. You could argue about this or that design decision but it is quite far from “nightmare”

Unless you are talking corporate level tier prices which is indeed super expensive (and being a corporate entity this never matters anyway) it is not “very” expensive. You could easily work with PRO plan account for like $35 a month. And for a tool that generates income being your main instrument it is not too much at all. Heck, you could even make do with Lite account for 16 a month, asking your clients to create their own accounts to store their projects where you will work on them which they will likely do anyway.

OK, I went to read a bit about the Oxygen. Well, it has pros and contras just like any other tool, costs $100 (allegedly as a promo price with increase in the future) so… can’t say it is some miraculous cure for any issue anyone may have with WF.

35 a month is a lot more than 169 (at current prices) one time price forever for Oxygen with woo commerce and gutenberg integration. 35 a month is 420 a year, every year. The organization of the tools is much clearer and far more customizable. You can’t even change WF default container size, which is too small, for goodness sake. Being locked into WF’s hosting service sucks for obvious reasons. I’m really speaking to all the folks on this forum who are tired of this price gouging and hype. There are alternatives people! O2 is one of the best if you know something about web coding, and even if you don’t. The presets they give you look pretty good, so yeah, they also have a better design sense the WF.

35 a month is nothing compared to the time you save not managing different Wordpress dashboards. I’m a few click away from modifying what I want on a client’s website.


You can’t even change WF default container size, which is too small, for goodness sake.

Not only can you control the width of a Container element by adjusting the max-width, but you could achieve a fully custom “container” by adding your own styles to any normal div block.

Being locked into WF’s hosting service sucks for obvious reasons.

On any of the paid account plans, even if you only sign up for a single month for $24, you can export your code to host elsewhere.

I’m really speaking to all the folks on this forum who are tired of this price gouging and hype.

For $27 more over the course of a year than your own recommendation ($192) you could get full access to the Designer to develop websites that can be hosted both on and off of the Webflow platform.

As @dram and @sam-g mentioned, it’s seems to me that you have an ulterior motive by continuously recommending a single WordPress page builder tool within a community of Webflow users.

I always recommend people use tools they’re comfortable with, but keep in mind your opinions aren’t shared by everyone. For the majority of us in the community, Webflow provides benefits that other options don’t.


Well, yes? Come on, just add the price of using Webflow designer to build a client project on top of your usual price and nobody would bat an eye at that +$100. Unless you are building something large in which case your price would go up like +$200! The cost of your work tools is ridiculous to be upset about

You folks can’t add. Oxygen isn’t a subscription. Using Webflow vs. many other options adds at least $400 to the client cost which 400 the developer could pocket. And yes, my ulterior motive is to make folks aware of the rip-off marketing scam that is webflow, which I gladly ditched for Oxygen and and other non-subscription options.

Needless to say, I’m deleting my WF teaser account. I only responded here because I’d subscribed to this thread and got a notification from the forum, and WF has let this masterpiece of marketing greed and confusion they call their pricing plans go on forever. They’ve made it clear they’re not going to change it.

Needless to compare Webflow to Oxygen then. These are very different system, Webflow is full of services. Hosting projects, publishing projects, client friendly editor, exporting code, client billing, backups, security.
Oxygen you’re left with self hosting your projects, it’s just a layer for Wordpress.
Needless to say that Webflow would lose tons of money due to the tremendous server load from all their services, imagine the server load needed for 100k+ designers publshing frantically their project.
Those 35 bucks are there for that. On the other hand, I don’t feel limited and I can create as many projects as I want on a easy to access dashboard that also enables me to process client billing ( huge time saver ).
I discovered Oxygen 2 years ago and has my considerations if for whatever reason I had to make the move to Wordpress for a specific project, but never had to leave WF so far.
On a UX standpoint, Oxygen is not as designer friendly as Webflow. Every panels are separated from each other whereas Webflow you have 80% of CSS parameters accessible on the fly. There is still room for a few improvements but the UX is quasi symbiotic once you get the hang of it.

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I thought the free option was more of an exploration of the product, something to help you learn. Because something we all should know by now is that nothing is free. Now having said that, yeah Webflow is pricy compared to similar competitors, but that is because Webflow is pretty new and has a lower market share. They have to charge more if they want to have a chance at surviving. Now there are always going to be people that argue about what a product can and can’t offer or if it works or not for them (like mac and pc) and it is up to Webflow to decide if it is valid input. So I appreciate people complaining about Webflow, they are making it a better product. As for Oxygen I would like to know more about this very cheap, very easy to use, solve all your problems tool. So @radrave if you don’t mind could you share a website that was built on Oxygen. Or if you really want to prove the superiority of Oxygen try to recreate this website, I built it on three platforms and webflow had the best performance score, it is really simple shouln’t take too much time Webflow Vs EditorX Vs Code Editor I


Everything that Webflow offers is amazing. And well worth the price. Their prices are fair and worth every penny. Wordpress is glitchy and you never know how things will function. And updating certain widgets and functions you use on Wordpress sites can be a bear to keep up with. The wonderful aspect to Webflow is they keep everything up to date for you. It’s wonderful.

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I have used the free plan to make a site on an acc for a friend. Although i missed somethings that i have on my own pro plan, like custom code but you can work around it and compromise. almost 95% of what you need to create a site is there for FREE what more do you want ?. I think webflows pricing is quite good and on the low end considering the value webflow gives to its users. You will always have the glass is half empty folks though. They could charge 100 a month and it would still be a great deal ( pls dont do this haha ).

I think pricing for cms and business plan are okay. But I cant understand the limitations of the account plans. even lite and pro just have 20 collection pages. I cant build or try working on bigger sites. Squarespace circle gives you 6 months free time to build and explore sites. Shopify even gives you affiliates for building with their system. I love webflow, but they should motivate developers to use webflow.
I mean at least the pro account plan should have the same functionality than the business site plan.
I was willing to pay for it, but not with those limitations.

They won’t export code, you need paid subscription for that feature

I wonder why people think Webflow should be “Free” without limits.

Webflow “Designer” is a software, it is reasonable to pay for it if you want to unlock limits and functions. You have to pay for Adobe CC and MS Office in the same way, right?

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The same could be said for custom code and a developers time.

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In UK, USA and all these countries, prices may be okay, but for third world countries its a lot. It is equal to the salary and pay of certain employees here. Bcz 16$ a month, you need to pay for a whole year otherwise have to pick 20$/month. Its not easy for people just starting out.

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I had thought about this too. I still live in (allegedly) a first world country, but my local currency is worth a lot less than the USD. Webflow is expensive here, let alone in a 3rd world country.

Hey Eric, I would say this. Webflow’s free staging plan is only for testing the designer or anything before you change your mind or want to upgrade.

If you want to stick with the free plan that’s fine, if you can live with a small ad in the corner, a subdomain and a page limit then it can feel magical.

Totally agree! :point_up_2:

Webflow even states on their homepage that Webflow is free until a user is ready to launch his/her website.

Indeed. If you don’t like Webflow you can move on to other website builder, it’s easy and nobody is forcing you to use it lol.