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Vertically scaling an image within a full page column

Hey Guys,

I’m working on this page and I’m trying to have the left image scale to different browser windows. The thing in the image is within a left justified div. Any suggestions it would be a HUGE help?

Hi @David_Moore :smile:

great job on your project so far!

As for your question, how about using a background set to cover instead of an inline image?

​Try these steps and let me know if you’re successful.

Thanks ! Is there a way to that without making it a background image? I ask because the CMS I’m using can only grasp onto the image widget .

What if you change the background image dynamically with jquery?

Thanks! @PixelGeek that definitely could be an option! Would you know how I could begin to set that up? Or point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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