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Vertical Text is braking Animations


i tried this today.

i want to make a text writing vertical.
I gave him a class “name” and insert this code as embed code in the body, see below.
I have animations on the site when site is loading and when site is finished to load.
In the webflow preview it looks ok, but when i upload it. The elements with animations are not loading.
What is the mistake here?


.name {
writing-mode: vertical-rl;
text-orientation: upright;

" ---------- Here is my site Read-Only: ([how to share your site Read-Only link][2]) [1]: http:// [2]:

i delete all hide/show actions in the animaions, than it is displaying everything, but without the delay it should do.
But what i should do when i need hide/show?

Why are you using code for the text vertical? Are you just trying to make the text flow from top to bottom?

There’s no read only link to see :slight_smile:

i thougt i insert it
here again. How would solve vertical text. When i rotate the text, it is not on the same place

Oh cool no problem, I’m there… so which page and which text is it again? Is it the “Von Barish”

the link is above.

here is a screenshot

with the embed code, the animation are not working.
In webflow preview they do, but when you upload, not.
here is the live link:

even the slider: next and preview are not working when i insert the code.

But that code should be on the “page” body section, not an embed. Embeds are basically inline and will effect the block that they’re in.

And you don’t need code to get that text to rotate into place. Do you just want it to show vertical - but with the text flowing left to right - OR -

Do you want the text to flow top to bottom?

Here’s what I mean:

when i put the code in the page body, nothing is loading, page is keeping blanc.

yes you are right, rotate is the easy way. thanks

But why is the code not working?

Yep, sorry not sure about that, I don’t know what it’s supposed to do. There’s no example of the snippet working to look at.

The code is only for the text to orient vertically, if you don’t need it what else is supposed to happen. Kind of unclear on what else you’re trying to do.

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