Vertical responsive masonry layout for photography portfolio

I would like to create a page similar to this: (Squarespace). The rows are always 100% horizontal and the images move into the next row if the hight is less than approximately 25 % VH. So the rows have a slightly different hight. The images within one row always have the same hight.
I tried a lot of different ways – fleybox, wrapping children, max and min hight and width but I just can’t find the solution.
Help would be very much appreciated!
Best wishes,

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Not sure how to achieve exactly that, but personally I like this Masonry library a lot. Let me know if it’s of any use to you as well!

Thank you Rory! Nice options – but vertical alignment. I will talk to my customer again. Maybe he is into moving from horizontal to vertical.

I see. I thought that they would’ve had an example relatively close to what you are looking for, but now that I looked further into it, it seems that none of them are. :frowning:

I did manage to find a couple of other solutions searching the internet for “Horizontal Masonry”. Here are 2 example that may peek your interest.

Thank you Rory, I forgot to answer – sorry about that. I found a way, a little cheating is involved. I will send a link once it is done.

No worries! Curious how you figured it out. :slight_smile: