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Vertical phone view

When I preview my site on the vertical phone view, I can see the text I have in my header banner (which is fairly large), running down the page & outside of the background banner container. Is this something to concern myself with? All other screen displays are OK. - Or is there a way to make exceptions for such views, and better yet, should I be doing that? …Or just “let it be”?

Thank you.

Don’t have your section or banner at a fixed height but rather put it in auto. This should fix the problem. :wink:

OK, thank you - I can see that. But now it is covering up more of my banner image that I wanted to display (height-wise).
How do I get around that? Does auto work based on the size of the actual image itself?

If so, I’m sure I can do some manipulating in Photoshop to achieve the effect I’m after.

Can you let me know for sure if that’s what I need to do in order to reveal a specific amount of banner imagery on screen?

Thank you.

To elaborate - my actual graphic for the banner is 450px tall (or so)… but the set size I wanted the height for best appearances is 375px tall - and that was looking great. When I set to auto, and take a screen capture…that banner now displays at 270px tall. What is making the default 270, and how can I control to get it to ‘auto’ at 375px height?

Thank you.

Just make the content inside the banner smaller. Such as decreasing text size, etc. :wink:

Or make it bigger until you get the size that you want. You could also play with the padding if you don’t want to change any content inside the banner. :wink:

OK, I’ve got the background graphic in the banner flexing now with the layout. That is good.
It is the text overlay on top of the banner that - on phone vertical view - dips below and outside of my banner which looks odd. How can I make the text flexible - so that it shrinks as the banner shrinks when browser window is manually narrowed/collapsed?

That’s all I need to know - I need the text acting as a cohesive unit with the banner - nested.

You would have to use VH/VW/EM measurements for your site. :wink:

Can you post your public link if you are still having issues? I’d be glad to take a look.

Here’s how you share a public share link. :wink:

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