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Vertical Nav Styling & Interactions

I created a vertical nav in webflow relatively easily, but I can’t figure out how to make my logo and my hamburger button move (or my body/page move) with my vertical nav box when it pops out. I have tried setting interactions and “move” properties but it’s not the same on tablet and mobile, and if you resize the screen the padding and width properties change.

Any Idea on how to do this and have it stay the same on mobile and tablet screens. Do I have to create extra nav buttons all with different interactions?

I saw a similar site built in webflow using this system here: , but can’t figure it out, help!

P.S My nav button is also on the left side

Hi @Dreamvinci, is it possible for you to share your public site link, More info on read-only links here:

We are happy to take a look how you have it setup now and advise some changes. Cheers :slight_smile: Dave