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Vertical Menu with push-in submenu

Continuing the discussion from Customizing the hamburger icon to one that animates:

@topelovely Check this out

Please notes that I made it as a home temporarily. It may be gone anytime and replaced by another example.

Its public link is here

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Perfecto! Pastiwibawa. You are the bomb!

Ok. Pastiwiibawa, Can this be done in webflow?

How can I restrict the user from opening multiple submenu from the vertical menu. I mean if a user clicks the home and the submenu is shown. If the user again clicks about us or contact, how can I make the interaction close the submenu automatically or the action of the user is not executed until the user closes the opened submenu.

Is this possible within webflow? Or would additional js be required? can you help in that regard?

Thanks. Hoping to hear from you.

@topelovely of course it possible to be done within Webflow without js (I don’t say the solution can be ‘satisfactional’ nor ‘elegant’ because it is always depends on your requirements).

Logically, you only need to ‘close’ the other opened sub-menu when another menu is getting clicked. It won’t be a matter whether there is sub-menu opened or not, for ex. when you click ‘About Us’ you can do:

1. close all sub-menus (regardless if any sub-menu opened or not)
2. then, open sub-menu for About Us

That’s it I guess.


Thanks. It works. Just been experiencing inconsistent performance issue with the interaction feature, where contents in the submenu shows when you get to a page. elements such as borders in the submenu. I think this is a bug!