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Varying limit items for a collection depending on device size


I am trying to change the amount of items displayed depending on the device size.

For example: In desktop view I have limited the CMS collection on view to 3 items. As the device size decreases, say to an tablet view, I would like to change the limit to 2 items.

But it is not letting me. Whenever I change the limit, in whatever device size, it changes across all sizes.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I don’t know about? Is it a bug? If all of them are a no, can I request this please?


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The Webflow way is to have multiple duplicate collection lists with different limits for each screen size.

Or, you can hide items using some custom CSS

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Didn’t think about having duplicate collections. Seems heavy-handed but if it works…

The custom CSS would work too.

Thanks for responding, @samliew.


I’ve adjusted the max percentage a item on a collection can have. it worked.