Variable, Clickable, U.S. States Map that has states shown/hidden based on CMS Collection

I’m trying to build a website for my insurance agency that will have a Bio page tailored to each agent. I’ve created a clickable SVG U.S. map following another forum post that I’d like to only show states that the agent is licensed in and each state will have a personal URL tailored to that agent where someone can click on the state, be taken to a site where they can quote and enroll themselves, and the credit goes to the agent. I can’t figure out how to create a collection that has the option to list the states the agent is licensed in that will automatically hide/show the states on a interactive map on their agent page. Each state has a custom value of: state-name: “Idaho” (or whatever state it actually is.)

Any one have some suggestions? The only thing I can think of is by somehow using the plain text field with separated commas to treat it like tags.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Lumis Advisory, LLC