V2 API - Bulk CMS Deletion (for GDPR Compliance)

I am trying to create a system for GDPR compliance where a user can delete their profile along with all CMS items associated with their account (can exceed 60 CMS items per user depending on their profile and activity).

Unfortunately the V2 API does not support bulk deletion of CMS items which poses an issue.
While it does allow the creation/publishing of upto 100 items in 1 API call, it wont allow us to delete that many in 1 call.

This will obviously pose an issue with my API rate limits as now everytime a user wants to delete their profile from our DB or close thier account, we will either have to manually delete them 1 by one to avoid rate limits, or create a for each loop which will hammer the API rate limit for me and require me to get an enterprise plan at some point.

Is there a workaround, or are there any plans to re-introduce the bulk deletion endpoint for the V2 API?

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Agreed - this is huge for a bunch of different use cases - the bulk calls save us a ton of API rate allowance