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UX | Text typewriter like experience

Wondering if Webflow can do something along the lines of

    Have text start to appear as if someone is typing away.

Found this ref article >

Could this be used as embedded code? >


    After the page loads, words fall away and new one’s show up - look for after the word Sell

anyone know if this is possible or if there are any examples or tutorials that talk to how to start to look into attempting this?


  1. Is done using a js script - Typer.js – I’ve used it myself in the past and it works great. It does require that you have some experience with using javascript and custom code…

Follow the steps in the link above - you’ll need a place to host the jquery script and files. And call the script by using the custom attributes section in webflow on the text you want to animate:

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Hi, would you mind giving a step by step explanation on how to implement this in webflow? I don’t know how to call an external Js file…

Understand if its to bigger ask :blush: