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Using Pagination for product carousel resets page to top

I created a pagination carousel and it works well in development staging, but when I pushed it to the live site and use it by clicking on the “Left” or “Right” button, it loads the page back to the top. I need the view pane to remain on the bottom where the pagination carousel is located. Using pagination should not have to make a customer scroll back down to the pagination carousel to use it, or move the browser perspective at all. Perhaps this is not what the pagination is used for and a limitation that needs to be looked at in the future. Can someone confirm?

This solution here is the one used by pixelgeek in the video here:

Hey @Lucius_Blackheart here is a topic that contains the code snippet to solve this. It works. Hope that helps.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to implement and test it on my build. I need a full working version. :frowning: I’m very happy you provided me a solution. Thank you so much for that.


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