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Using Nav bars with symbols


Im fairly new to webflow. I am using the “approach” template for my site. The site comes with a navbar that uses or has symbols? Not really familiar with this… anyways, The nav bar has an interaction where it shows a nav bar, then when you scroll down the page a new nav bar drops down.

The issue Im having is it works on some pages and other pages it does not. I copied and pasted the nav bar elements the same exact way on all the pages. And when I have my website in preview mode it works on all pages however when I publish it and check the site it does not work on all pages.

has anyone heard of this before? hope this makes sense…

Thank you!

Could you post your project’s read-only share link so we can take a look?

sure! sorry about that…

Which page(s) specifically are having the issue? Could you provide the link to the published site as well?


the pages are:

Gallery (which is accessed from the home page when you scroll down, not the nav bar)
FAQ page (accessed from nav bar)
Size Chart (accessed from nav bar)

the published URL is:

any luck? not sure if it is a bug or not because it works fine in preview mode


Hi @anthonymas90, It looks like the effect isn’t actually working on all the pages in preview mode. I noticed you have some of your page links setup using the full url and some to the page using the page link

…it won’t fix the issue but it might be good to be consistent unless you have a reason.

The interaction that makes the navbar effect happen is “Show Nav” and that interaction will need applied to the a section down on the page. For example, on the homepage the interaction is applied to the hero. But on the pages not working it’s not applied to the top hero. So if you apply it to the hero section on those pages, it should work fine.

Hope this helps.

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