Using collection names and or slugs that are already in use

Hi! I am trying to set up an e commerce page and i keep getting this notification. i have no collections or page names etc of these. please help, what do i do?

Hi @Caitlyn_Neal

This notification shows up whenever there’re Collections or a Pages that utilize slugs that Ecommerce needs to work. You’ve mentioned you haven’t set any of them up, but i’m curious if you’ve maybe started your project using a template?

I’ve created example scenarios where this warning modal may appear:

  1. SKU, Categories, Products pages

  2. SKU, Categories, Products collections in the CMS

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

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Thanks for your email! Unfortunately I have none of these categories or pages. My site was not created on a template. Super stuck at what it could be!


Can you share your read-only link? That way we can dig in and maybe locate the problem :slight_smile: