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Using an outside button for changing slides?

I want to use a button that should change sliders. That button is not in the slider component. It is at outside of the Slider.

how can I control slides in this way?

Hi @delizade, the ability to change slides via a link or a button outside of the slider is not built in yet, but it can be done using some custom jquery script, take a peek here: Is it possible to link to a specific slide in a slider?

I hope this helps!

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Another vote FOR having this option implemented. Changing a slider with a button would be very nice.

You can also make prev and next button outside the slider like this:

	const sliderBullits = document.getElementsByClassName("w-slider-dot");
  let activeSlide = 0;
  document.getElementById('next-teacher').addEventListener('click', function (event) {
	document.getElementById('prev-teacher').addEventListener('click', function (event) {
  function changeActive(nr) {
  	activeSlide += nr;
    if (activeSlide >= sliderBullits.length) {
    	activeSlide = 0;
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Hi Maurice, dankjewel voor de code! I was wondering how to change it so it works for more than one slider on the same page? I have limited javascript knowledge, could you help me with this? My public site is: