Useable Cookie Info

Hi guys,

I’m looking to store a cookie saved from the results of a form and to then reuse that data to be referenced in a 2nd form. I was thinking of adding the cookie into the 2nd form as a hidden embed.

I have found a link which explains this is possible but unfortunately my coding knowledge isn’t particularly advanced and I’m not sure if the code sits within the Page Body or Header or even as an embed element.

Has anyone got any experience of making this function work or have another cookie solution?

Thanks in advance,


Hi guys, I’m still stuck on this one and I hope you don’t mind but thought I’d bump it to try and see if anyone had any suggestions to make it work?

I need to:

  1. Use form 1 on page 1 as a trigger to “set” a cookie, the cookie data will be the answer to the question within this form.
  2. “get” the value of the cookie and insert it as a hidden field within the 2nd form housed on page 2.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Thanks again,