Use Current pseudo class in embedded html


So I want to insert a jquery, multilevel sidenav in my webflow page (this one:

The reason I want this, is so that it serves as a sort of breadcrumb navigation menu.

I am currently in the proces of adapting it to the look and feel of my website.

However, I would like to be able to have a different link color for the link that is the link to the current page and to have the submenu of the category that is the current category (which isnt a link, but rather a meta subcategory which contains several links (subcategories) auto unfold. In webflow there is a pseudo class called Current but I’m guessing this is not just CSS but also some jquery? I can imagine this is hard to understand so I’ll add some images below.

Is it possible to use this current pseudo class, like I described in embedded html?

My main navigation + unfolded menu (to explain my navigational structure)

The sidenav I want (this is in photoshop so non working)

So what I need is just the use of this Current pseudo class, so I can put that on the current active main category and
and current active subcategory link.

I hope this makes sense, if not, please ask :slight_smile:

Any help or pointers is right direction would be great!