Use Collection or not

Hello Forum!

I’m trying to find out if I need a Collection structure.

In addition to a regular navigation with 5 pages, the site has a mega menu that contains 7 main pages, each with 2 to 5 subpages. The total of main and sub pages is approx. 30 pages.

Each page has a unique layout and the content is not frequently changed. I therefore think it is best to create static pages instead of using a Collection, because then you’re bound by mixed layouts. However, a breadcrumb trail must also be added, and a Collection is usually used for that. Could someone advise me on this?

Question 1 is whether not using a Collection is indeed the best choice in this case.
Question 2 is how te create a breadcrum trail if you’re not using a Collection.

Thanks a lot!

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If you need unique styles, don’t use collections. And since you are doing manually the pages, you can manually create also the breadcrumb. Create your pages in Webflow using folders and recreate the breadcrumbs according to that

Thanks very much for your insights & tip Pietrofalco! I will try the folderstructure.

Hi Pietrofalco

I followed your advice and have the breadcrums in place now. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. :+1: