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Use Ajax to load collection page into hidden div

I’ve been asked to replicate the functionality on this page (click grid thumbnail, reveal hidden div):

I currently have a grid (collection list - performers) pulling thumbnail images and names from the CMS (dummy content for now). I have interactions set to reveal the hidden div and a link block set to scroll the page up to an anchor ID. Right now the hidden div content is pulling content from the CMS, but only for one performer. So the same content is displayed no matter which thumbnail you click.

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What I want to achieve is to click on a thumbnail and load its respective collection page into the hidden div using Ajax. I don’t know much about Ajax so I don’t know where to begin to implement this idea. I’m also unsure of how to set each button in the grid to a unique URL for its respective collection page to load. I do have a link field for each performer set to their collection page URL.

This is my current share link:

And my current live link:

I’m very appreciative of any advice or guidance you guys could give me on this. I have searched for answers on the forum and this particular thread looked promising but there was no share link and I couldn’t see how it was set up.

@bart, could you take a look at my page and offer any help? Or is there another way to set this up so that when you click a thumbnail image, it switches the content in the hidden div to the appropriate performer?

I second this I am trying to figure out the exact same problem